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The Bill Miller Engineering Race Team's success depends on its sponsors. The BME Top Fuel Dragster wouldn't turn a wheel if it wasn't for a group of supportive businesses which want their brand names in front of drag racing spectators at NHRA National Events and race fans watching on television. Bill Miller Engineering is profoundly grateful for these companies' assistance.



 Okuma's manufacturing solutions are one element of what drives Bill Miller Engineering's ruthless pursuit of quality. Okuma CNC technology helps BME achieve the continuous  improvements in performance, reliability and durability which  have made BME Forged Aluminum Connecting Rods and Racing Pistons standards in the sport of drag racing. Image: BME Ltd.

Okuma America is the U.S. affiliate of the Okuma Corporation, a world leader in CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machining technology. Established in 1984, the company provides manufacturing solutions to Okuma's Western Hemisphere customers and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bill Miller Engineering's factory in Carson City Nevada uses Okuma Simulturn CNC Machining Centers to manufacture BME Forged Aluminum Connecting Rods, BME Forged Aluminum Racing Pistons, BME Wrist Pins and the Gibson-Miller Supercharger


Most sponsors don't work on the car but most major sponsors aren't Okuma America. Here, Okuma America President, Larry Schwartz, (at right in yellow) gets his hands dirty working with the BME Crew as they adjust the angle of the BME/Okuma Dragster's front wing.

In Bill Miller Engineering's Carson City manufacturing facility, Okuma Simulturn machining centers make BME parts like the Top Fuel piston being inspected by this BME Team Member.


Bill Miller heartily endorses Red Line Synthetic lubricants, such as the "Heavy Shockproof" Gear Lubricant he uses in the BME Dragster's rear axle.

Red Line 70WT Nitro Race Oil is formulated specifically for use in blown-fuel drag race engines. It uses the superior ester base stocks which are the core of every lubricant Red Line makes, along with a special additive package designed to improve the reliability of 8000-hp, supercharged, nitromethane burning engines. Image: BME Ltd.

Red Line Synthetic Oil Corporation is the world's supplier of premium synthetic lubricants and additives. Founded in 1979, Red Line offers over 80 products, including engine oils, gear oils, automatic transmission fluids, assembly lubes, fuel additives, and its popular WaterWetter coolant additive for the automotive, motorcycle, marine, and industrial markets. Based in Benicia, California, the company has earned a outstanding reputation with racers for creating products that perform and protect better than any on the market. The world�s top racing teams and most discriminating automotive enthusiasts prefer Red Line synthetic lubricants. Like many cars in NHRA's top class, the BME Top Fuel Dragster uses Red Line 70WT Race Oil and Red Line Heavy Shockproof Gear Lubricant.


For 80 years, the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company has been the world's largest tire maker. It's, also, the only major tire manufacturer based in the United States. The Akron, Ohio company was founded in 1898 and, today, is an 18-billion dollar business employing 80,000 people world-wide. Goodyear makes everything from golf-cart tires to 14-foot high mining truck tires and everything in between including, passenger car tires, truck tires, aircraft tires and, of course, racing tires, such as the Eagle Dragway Specials and Eagle Top Fuel Frontrunners on the BME Dragster.

Goodyear's Eagle Dragway Special is designed to fit "beadlock" wheels. The wheels and tires are hand-assembled and balanced by BME crewmembers at the start of each event. In the background at top right are the BME Dragster's two Top Fuel Frontrunners, special tires designed by Goodyear specifically for us on the front axle of Top Fuel Dragsters and Nitro Funny Cars. Image: BME Ltd.


Autolite has been making spark plugs since the mid-1930s and has a comprehensive line covering everything from lawn mowers to aircraft including a wide selection of racing spark plugs. Autolite supports a number of IHRA and NHRA Top Fuel race teams including BME. Bill Miller says spark plugs, "...are critical to a good-running Top Fuel motor." The Brand Anderson Hemi in the BME Dragster has two plugs per cylinder and all 16 are changed after each warm-up or each run. At each race, if the engine uses one set of plugs for race weekend of warm-ups and uses a new set for each run, that's as many as 9 sets of plugs or 144 spark plugs.

BME runs 15 races a season so, in a year's time, that's a many as 2160 spark plugs. Needless to say, the BME Top Fuel Team's spark plug sponsor, Autolite, has a key role in the Team's success.

The BME Top Fuel Dragster uses Autolite AR5383 Racing Spark Plugs which are specially designed for supercharged, nitro-burning engines.


While the oil filter used on the BME Top Fuel Dragster is larger than the one on your passenger car, its construction and design are quite similar.


Interestingly, Autolite blown-fuel plugs are more like the plugs in your car or truck engine than you might think. They use a similar design and the same materials except that, to be durable under the extreme pressure and temperature in a nitro class drag racing engine, the electrodes are extra large. Additionally, due to the very high combustion temperature in a supercharged engine running on nitromethane, they are a very cold heat range. Autolite's racing expert, Don Ward, tells us they are as cold a heat range can be manufactured.

FRAM has been manufacturing filters since the early-1930s and is one of the world's best known automotive filter brands. There's a FRAM Filter for just about anything with an engine including all sorts of race cars.

FRAM is the official filter of the NHRA. The BME Top Fuel Dragster uses FRAM Oil Filters.

Both Autolite Spark Plugs and FRAM Filters are part of Honeywell Consumer Products Group.




Automotive Racing Products ("ARP") is the world leader in automotive fastener technology. ARP's product line includes virtually every fastener found in an automotive engine and driveline, ranging from quality, OEM replacement parts to exotic, specialty hardware for racing applications such as Top Fuel dragsters. ARP�s customer list reads like a �who�s who� of motorsports. Virtually every major championship on the planet has been won with engines prepared by Automotive Racing Products' customers. The BME Dragster uses ARP fasteners exclusively. In addition, for the last 30 years, Bill Miller Engineering has never used anything but ARP fasteners in its products. In keeping with BME's ruthless pursuit of quality, nothing but the finest cap-screw-type rod bolts are used in BME Forged Aluminum Connecting Rods for blown-fuel Chrysler applications. ARP makes these bolts to BME's specifications from "ARP2000", a special hybrid alloy. In addition, BME/ARP rod bolts receive a special, proprietary, heat-treating process designed by BME specifically for the blown-fuel drag race application. The bolts are heat-treated in vertical racks which ensures complete, 360-deg. penetration. These bolts have rolled threads but the rolling is done after heat-treating which provides up to 10-times more fatigue life than bolts with threads rolled before heat-treating.

When you buy a BME rod for a supercharged drag race engine, the last thing you need to worry about are rod bolts.


XRP markets fluid transfer products for motorsports. Since 1989, XRP's reputation has been staked on manufacturing "aerospace-or-better" quality hoses and fittings to the racing community. XRP's close relationship with the BME Top Fuel Team and other leading professional race teams has led to the development of many innovative products. XRP's in-house manufacturing capabilities are known in the industry for a rapid response in developing unique items to meet immediate, special needs. XRP's diverse line of fluid transfer products are some of the best available to racers. Proof of that is that every hose and fitting on the BME Top Fuel Dragster was made by XRP.

Perhaps the most important control device on a Top Fuel Dragster is the "barrel valve", the part in this picture with all the hoses, which controls fuel flow to the engine right when the driver, Troy Buff (at left working on the supercharger drive) whacks the throttle wide open at the start of a run. All Hoses and fittings on the BME Dragster, including those connecting to the barrel valve, are made by XRP. Image: BME Ltd.




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