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Racers Win with Bill Miller Engineering

Why do racers choose BME?

Cutting-edge technology, premium quality, bulletproof reliability and winning performance.

Two of the most severe tests of competition engine parts are the quintessential American motorsports: NASCAR racing and NHRA nitro class drag racing. For over a generation, Bill Miller Engineering Forged Aluminum Connecting Rods, Forged Aluminum Racing Pistons, Wrist Pins and Supercharger Parts have been winning races in NASCAR and dominating drag racing's nitro classes because they are able to withstand those severe tests.

Pomona, Daytona, Englishtown, Indianapolis, Bristol, Talladega and scores of other race tracks all over the United States are the venues for NASCAR and drag racing. At all those tracks, racecars carrying that distinctive, black-on-yellow, BME logo take checkered flags and turn on win lights using engine components made in the USA by Bill Miller Engineering of Carson City, Nevada.

A fixture in professional drag racing since 1975, Bill Miller Engineering's flagship product, the Forged Aluminum Connecting Rod, has won over 50 championships in drag racing classes for supercharged, nitromethane-fueled engines. The latest was John Force's 2013 NHRA Funny Car Championship.

BME Forged Aluminum Racing Pistons have won eight NASCAR Championships,   most recently, Kyle Busch's 2009 Xfinity Series title, Ron Hornaday's 2009 Camping World Truck Championship and Tony Stewart's 2005 Sprint Cup. BME Pistons have won the Daytona 500 five times, most recently with Jamie McMurray in 2010 and, most famously, in 1998, with seven-time Sprint Cup Champion, the late Dale Earnhardt Sr. During 2014, Bill Miller Engineering Racing Pistons dominated two of NASCAR's three touring series, Xfinity and Camping World Truck. Toyota racing engines, built by Joe Gibbs Racing using BME Pistons, won 23, or 41%, of the two series' 55 races, an amazing accomplishment.

Bill Miller Engineering has, also, been successful Internationally. KRE Racing Engines used BME Pistons to win one of the most hotly contested sedan road racing series in the World, the Australian V8 Supercar Championship, four years in a row: 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

BME Wrist Pins have become a benchmark product in drag racing. In the 2014 NHRA Mellow Yello Drag Racing Series, 8 of the top 10 Top Fuel dragsters, including Top Fuel Champion Tony Schumacher's U.S. Army Dragster, and all of the top 10 Funny Cars used them. BME Pins have won Championships in both NHRA nitro classes, Top Fuel and Funny Car, four straight years, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Not only are BME Rods, Pistons and Wrist Pins the quickest in drag racing, they are some of the fastest at Bonneville. In the Summer of 2016, Danny Thompson drove his "Challenger 2" to an SCTA AA/Fuel Streamliner National Record of 406.769-mph. Inside the car's two, 2500-hp, Brad Anderson Hemis, were Bill Miller Engineering Forged Aluminum Connecting Rods, Forged Aluminum Racing Pistons and Wrist Pins.

Bill Miller Engineering's newest race engine parts line is rotors and end frames for PSI Superchargers. During 2014, Top Fuel competitors Richie Crampton and Morgan Lucas used BME Rotors. Noting that trend, Top Fuel drag racing's winningest driver, Eight-Time NHRA Champion, Tony Schumacher switched to BME Supercharger Rotors for the 2015 season.

Bill Miller Engineering is totally committed to racers. We do continuous research and development at race tracks all over the World, the results of which are constantly being applied to BME products. This nonstop improvement keeps us ahead of our competitors and gives racers using BME products a winning advantage.

At Bill Miller Engineering, our mission is two-fold: 1) manufacture the best-performing, highest-quality competition engine components and 2) provide outstanding customer service.


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